This weeks outlook

Here are some notes i took down, concerning positions i have or wish to look into:

80% loss on HSOL, with 70 positions, current price 5.217

Strategy to recover HSOL:
-write 5 puts of HSOL for DEC 17 @ .75 (375$), if it is exercised, $2500 of HSOL will be bought, average price of owned HSOL in portfolio will become: 5.02 

-puts might not be bought, might need to write puts for earlier deadline, to ensure that they will be held, but for less premium, however still bringing the price down.

Outlook: earnings next week and US declaring debt report in 2 weeks, extremely volatile. 

But the outlook for BIDU is nonetheless pretty good, might be a good time to buy some calls @150, and write some puts at/around 140$ (not to keep, these puts must be bought to close if stock goes below 145, currently @ 152.)

Sought put write price: 4.00 (x100) for BIDU 200811 140 P
	Call price:	4.00 (x100) for BIDU 200811 155 C

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