Who to watch on earnings in the coming weeks

Today I made a last minute bet on $AMZN today, bought some calls at a very cheap end of day price right before closing, and had a nice rally  post closing, following a satisfying earnings report.

AMZN’s rally follows $BIDU’s earlier this week, and $GOOG earlier this month. It’s why i’m willing to bet $SINA’s and MOBI’s in the coming days and week will be no different.

Option’s is a great way to make bets before big announcements like this, where there will obviously be a much greater volatility, it’s much cheaper than buying the underlying asset. You can hedge your losses and still make a lot of money on the difference in premiums you’ve paid. You can try simple long straddle strategies if you have no idea what will be the outcome of the earnings report.

But personally, i have a positive outlook for both $MOBI and $SINA, my targets being 11$ and 130$ for the end of August. $YOKU is another chinese tech making some noise, but i have not looked into it enough to give my outlook. Face-value for a Chinese tech like that would make me bet it’s going up at earnings (August 8), but it’s barely a guess.



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