$V good earnings all around from VISA

Just before closing i bought 4 calls on visa at 95$, at what i consider a good price, with a down trend all day. I expect the stock will turn around later this week, to next week.

Although I’m optimistic, news about the US Debt decision, normally due next week, will definitely affect this stock.

Tomorrow I will be watching $MSI, $XOM, $SBUX and try to make an end of day bet.

I’ve been hearing talk about $SBUX, and will read on about it, hoping to take a bullish position on it.

$MSI I am more bearish on, and $XOM, I will probably just watch.

The advantage of buying options just before earnings is that you get the same resulting percentage increase, without risking a lot more money. You also have a limited amount of losses in case the stock crashes.

The expiration is also more pressure on you to cash in your gains, in such a volatile environment these days.


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