Learn options trading secrets – Basics

Tricks and secrets of options trading have the potential to make you a fortune within a day. While minimizing the amount of money you could loose. The options trading market is one of contracts made on an underlying asset, and these contracts are not issued by the company or entity representing that asset. In essence, it’s like an insurance contract, you can use it to protect you from getting wounded, but you might not use it at all even though you did pay the premium. However if you use it the insurance covers you for several times more what you paid as a premium. That’s where it gets interesting.

Whether you’re already a stock trader and want to add options in the soup for protection, or if you’re a neophyte curious about options, I’ll go through the ins and outs of succeeding in this options world.

If you already understand the basics and how options work you can skip to the strategies section where we discuss several mathematical tools and secrets useful to options trading, and tricks to maximize the profit, while minimizing the risk.

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