RIM shares dropped to half their 2010 values in a year, and after dismal quarterly results, it decided to lay off an unspecified number of it’s employees world wide. We all want to know what RIM has up their sleeves at the moment, because if it does not pull some magical new technology soon, the outlook will remain grim

The Blackberry and Playbook are having a hard time catching up to the iPad 2, iPhone, and Google products in the competing mobile tech sector. RIM’s competition is constantly upgrading it’s features, and gearing itself towards new technologies such as iCloud for AAPL products.

Cloud computing is the future of software technology, and AMZN with one of the biggest web properties in existence, has become the first large scale and biggest cloud provider in existence.

If RIM was to tap into this cloud for its next gen devices, it would have a major advantage over it’s primary competitors.



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