7th of July 2011

I’ve been holding MOBI for a while now, waiting for it to recover and it’s almost there.

This rally is going to break several resistance levels i think, it’s around 11.10 right now, with extremely high volume, so something is probably ¬†cooking in the kitchen. When news gets out i expect the volatility to raise even higher.

It’s a prime time to negotiate options with MOBI, two days in a row i saw 10$ and 12.50 calls each rise over 500-1000%, with minimal losses on the puts, so good time for hedging these stocks.

Definitely keep an eye on MOBI and one hand in your pocket.


Another one i’ve been watching recently is V, VISA, with a huge rally last week. It looks to be profiting from confusion in world wide economy. I’m not sure what to do with it yet. But definitely keep an eye on it, it looks volatile too.


SINA is settling at a resistance level around 114. My target for this stock is 140 by the end of summer, it will probably fluctuate before then, we’ll see what it gives.


RIMM, is probably a volatile one too, especially in the next week.


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